4 Months
At 5-10 hours/week
Videos, Case studies, Assignments
Health and Fitness product Manufacturers/
Retailers / Distributors.
  • Health & Fitness Business Course Description

    Health & Fitness Business has a $53 billion e-commerce market globally and growing at 49% per annum. Get access to 100+ categories ofDietary Supplements, Ayurvedic Medicines & Products, Herbal & Botanical Products, Herbal Medicine, Natural Herbs, Health Food, Massager, Weight Loss Products, Hair Care Products, Essential Oils & Aromatics, Skin Care Products, Rehabilitation Aids, Frozen & Dried Fruit, Fresh Vegetables, Fresh Fruits, Nuts & Kernels, Pulses, Body Building & Gym Equipments, Athletic Wear etc. With our Plug & Play E-Commerce Store. With our tools and mentorship, you can generate a revenue of upto $402.5K per month. We also help you to financial engineer your Health & Fitness Business to sucessfully exit with an average business valuation of $21.16 million.

  • What you'll learn

    1. Leverage the e-commerce platforms by selling physical products with high sales volume and low competition and use a specific set of rules to uncover the easiest and most profitable ways to sell.

    2. Know where and how to source products at lowest cost and understand how to create the 'perfect' listing on marketplaces to get high rankings.

    3. Know what online shoppers are searching for and take advantage of that knowledge to get more sales.

    4. Understand how to use marketplace's internal advertising feature to grow your visibility and sales.

    5. Avoid the pitfalls and costly mistakes often made by new online business owners by taking advantage of advanced tactics by our mentors to grow your online sales to a whole new level.

  • Course requirements

    The basic requirements are a computer/laptop and a high speed Internet connection.

    You do not need any knowledge or experience of online selling but a passion to start your e-commerce business.

  • Course description

    Start a Profitable and Sustainable online Venture by Following a Proven, Up-to-Date Blueprint for entrepreneurs who want to start their online business.This course provides a step-by-step practical video series on how to start from scratch and start a successful e-commerce business.

    Learn how to leverage the online platforms to sell physical products. There are more million dollar a year online sellers being created now than ever before, so the timing is perfect.

    There is also a huge demand for skilled assistants to create listings and do research to uncover the best products to sell. You will have gained these skills, among others, by the time you complete this course.

  • Course Content and Overview

    Designed for you if you are either a complete novice, or you already sell online but want to get better results. The course contains 200+ lectures, including 150+ video lessons which range from 3 minutes to 15 minutes in length. You will learn every single step required to build your online business.

    After completing the course you will be able to quickly identify the best and working strategies to sell your products online and able to understand how to use advanced tactics to double your sales and how to start small and scale up fast.

  • Who Can apply for this course ?

    This course suits entrepreneurs who are product manufacturers, retailers, distributors, wholesalers, dealers who wish to start their online business.

3 Years Financial Projection

Please view 3 years of sales forecasting of the turnkey business opportunity provided by Fitsumit.

Potential Revenue
$458.6K per month
Potential Profit
$49k per month

Course Content Includes

Technical Assets

  • Domain Name : Learn to create a highly engaging E-Commerce store focused domain name researched to target global buyers.

  • Cloud Hosting: Learn to manage your Store in with 99.9% uptime guarantee so your store is live 24x7

  • Payment Gateway : Understand which payment gateway is suitable for your E-Commerce business. Learn to accept over 140 global banks cards escrow payment system to capture Million of dollars in payment.

  • E-Commerce Store : Get a turn-key Wordpress based E-Commerce store's theme created by our expert UI/UX designers with latest marketing features and SEO ready contents.

  • Business Apps : Learn various E-Commerce business apps to increase your E-Commerce store's productivity & sales generation apps to build & grow your business.

  • 24x7 Live Chat : Learn to effectifely automate your store's visitors query handeling using either a dedicated live chat agent to work 8 hour per day for 365 days or a simple chatbot.

  • Support Desk Software : Learn functionalities of some of the best support desk software to track your product sample details,wholesale quotes, product delivery etc.

Operations Management

  • Marketplaces Listing : Get assistance in creating & uploading products in major E-Commerce marktetplaces.

  • Sourcing Solutions : Get our industry associations and access our private researched data of portals & trade bodies to source the products at the lowest cost.

  • Packaging Solutions : get conected with manufacturers who provide OEM services for whole sale buyers so the branding can be done based on your E-Commerce brand's identity.

  • Logistics & Custom Clearance : Get practical understanding of various wholesale commodity logistic partners who also help with 3 PL and 7 PL services including custom clearance certification and international trade assurance.

  • Insurance & Certification : International business runs on business insurance and certification, learn the steps so you don't make any losses in any condition. Major insurance companies can provide a hassle free service.

Software Included

  • SEO Software : Get access to tips, tricks & up to date information of how to exactly rank in page 1 in google without using any SEO software.

  • Email Marketing Tool : Learn Steps that allow you to do successful email marketing campaign following the CANSPAM roles of email marketing with lower spam rates and higher inbox delivery.

  • Social Media Software : Learn to automate your content marketing in 50+ social media channels globally to get more traffic into your e-commerce store.

  • Competitor Analysis : Analyse real-time analytical report of your competitors to build your successfull marketing strategies and grow your e-commerce business niche.

Marketing Channels

  • Social Media Channels : there are thousands of social media channels learn which channel will be best suitable for your e-commerce products to sell.

  • Business Groups : research and understand the types of business groups, build an inner circle of buyers, marketers, dealers for your e-commerce distribution channels.

  • Advertising Accounts : Learn to create ad copies in result-oriented advertising channels to get better conversion & sales

  • Affiliate Networks : Get access to 100+ per sale affiliate network information, connect with them to automate your sales.

Content List

  • Ad Creatives : Get sample ad copies, learn to build ad copies that converts an unknown users into a paying customer, ad banners, infographics, articles, e-books, google ads, case studies etc.

  • Promo Video : Learn elements that create a successful professional promo video which can engage your audience in video channels.

  • Brand Identity Kit : Get a complete E-Commerce brand identity bundle with sample logo, visiting card, letter head, power point presentation & digital brochure to build your brand value.

  • Legal Documents : Get Private label ready to use informations that you can use for buyer terms & conditions, privacy disclaimer, & E-Commerce user terms etc for your e-commerce business.

  • Company Formation : Get connected to our trusted group of Company secretaries, lawyers who can assist you in setting up your company.

  • Trademark : Learn the exact process to secure your brand name.

Sales Leads

  • Lead Sharing : Learn the exact process to generating an ongoing sharing of B2B & B2C leads from our partner sites.

  • Sales CRM/ERP : Learn and access in-house CRM tools to automate your sales.

Marketing Database

  • Affiliates Managers : Get connected to our curated list of affiliate managers who can help you to get hundreds of sales post your E-Commerce Store launch.

  • Consumer E-mail Database : Learn legit way of public data extraction process to reach out to millions of target users globally.

Financial Support

  • Financial Projection: we will share the exact financial calculations that you can apply on your e-commerce business to reach from 0 to $1 million in sales.

  • Profits & Loss Analysis: not every e-commerce business become successful in the day one so we need a clear strategy on how we can create profitability and do not get into losses.

  • Business Plan: as the e-commerce industry is getting mature day by day we have been able to research thousands of e-commerce business models and have created some of the most successful business plans which you can implement for your e-commerce business.

  • Business Valuation: e-commerce businesses do not make more money then they make in the valuation of the business.

  • Investor Relations: we have a curated list of investors whom you can contact build business relations share your pitch deck and even ask for investments referring our name..

Entreprenuers' Reviews

  • Pramod Jain

    Fitsumit has helped me to grow my wholesale business in online wholesale marketplaces. Their mentorship has really helped me to take right steps in my business growth.

  • Disha Gupta

    I have started to get 400 orders a day for my products and this course has proven techniques which work to grow any business in online.

  • Akanksha Dave

    I started my business online after enrolling into this course and gained more profits than my offline sales. Most recommended course for business people.

  • Nisha Singh

    Selling my products in global markets became very easy after enrolling in Fitsumit business program.

  • Rahul Kedia

    IIEC's mentorship is awesome ! They have guided each and every step which i need to follow for growing my online business both in B2B and B2C.

  • Firoz Shaikh

    IIEC's mentorship is awesome ! They have guided each and every step which i need to follow for growing my online business both in B2B and B2C.

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